Act 15 of 2015, which became effective July 1, 2015, revises requirements of the Child Protective Services Law (“CPSL”) as it pertains to criminal and child abuse background certifications for school employees and volunteers. The Millersburg Area School District welcomes and encourages volunteers in its schools and classrooms. To uphold the safety of District students and staff members, any adult wishing to volunteer is required to obtain certifications under Act 15 of 2015.

The District will consider the following in determining whether or not a person should be considered a volunteer:

 Type of Contact:

  • Does the adult care for children?

  • Does the adult supervise children?

  • Does the adult guide children?

  • Does the adult control children?

 If the answer is NO to all of the questions above, the adult is not a volunteer subject to certifications. If the answer is YES to any of the questions above, examine the frequency of contact below.


Frequency of Contact:

  •  Will the adult have regular, repeated and continual contact that is integral to his/her volunteer responsibilities [routine interaction]?

 If the answer is NO, the adult is not a volunteer subject to certifications. To qualify as “routine interaction,” the contact must be regular and repeated and continual.


The term Volunteer includes persons whose student contact includes care, supervision, guidance or control of children and/or routine interaction with children. Examples of Volunteers include coaches, managers, locker room monitors and others who work with children involved in extracurricular or co-curricular activities and who may at times have direct contact with children or supervise students. The term is not intended to include a casual visitor to school, such as a student’s family member or an individual from the community who observes or attends a classroom or school activity(ies) or event(s); unlike a Volunteer, a visitor remains under the direct supervision of school district staff and is prohibited from supervising students.


Effective July 1, 2015 all persons wishing to volunteer must:

  •  A Volunteer must submit an application for certification either on-line or by written document to the following government agencies: the PA Department of Human Services, the Pennsylvania State Police, and the Federal Bureau of Investigation as follows:

  •  A current Volunteer who was approved for service before August 25, 2015, but who doesn’t have certifications because he or she was not previously required, has until July 1, 2016, to obtain the certifications. A NEW volunteer (that is, not approved for service before August 25, 2015) must obtain the certifications before beginning service as of August 25, 2015.


If you have questions or would like additional information, please contact the building principal.

Lenkerville Elementary - (717) 692-3072

Millersburg Middle and High School - (717) 692-2108