Over the past year, leadership teams from both Millersburg Area and Upper Dauphin Area School Districts have worked together to improve the existing cooperative sports agreement that was created in 2018.  At our June board meeting last night, several voting items were on the agenda for approval, including recommendations to dissolve the existing agreement from 2018 and replace it with individual cooperative sports agreements moving forward.  As a result, the cooperative sports agreement from 2018 was required to be voted on first.  After the vote to dissolve the existing agreement from 2018 was approved, it was determined that additional edits are needed before a majority of the board will vote to approve the new individual agreements.  Consequently, the replacement agreements were not approved last night after the 2018 cooperative agreement was dissolved. 

The leadership team is confident that we will be able to approve replacement cooperative agreements in the near future.  Even though the agreement from 2018 was dissolved and the replacement agreement(s) were not approved last night, all students should continue to attend and participate in any cooperative sport activities between Millersburg and UDA.  

A follow-up announcement from leadership will be communicated to everyone once the replacement agreements are approved and in place.


Dr. Potutschnig