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Morning Drop Off / Afternoon Pick-Up Procedures

Hello parents and students,


We will be starting the school year with many changes, but there are a few changes that I want to make you aware of in order to run an efficient morning drop-off and an afternoon dismissal / parent pick-up.


Morning Drop Off:


  1. Morning drop-off will occur along the Lenkerville Driveway as it has in years past between 7:40 A.M. and 8:00 A.M.
  2. Cones will be placed along the Lenkerville Driveway to indicate a “drop-off zone.” If your vehicle is in the area of “the cones,” please allow your child to exit your vehicle and walk to the school entrance where a staff member will be visible to help students as they arrive.
  3. There are circumstances that build traffic in front of the elementary school during A.M. drop-off. Some of these circumstances include first day photos of kindergarten students, younger students who require help with their backpack and belongings, among others. If you anticipate that your child’s exit from your personal vehicle will take longer than a few seconds due to one of these scenarios or one similar,  please park in the lot beside the cafeteria to allow traffic to keep moving.


Afternoon Dismissal / Parent Pick-Up


  1. Parents will need to notify the office by 1:30 P.M. if they plan to pick-up their child.
  2. Parent pick-up will occur outside the Lenkerville Main Entrance.
  3. Parents should come to the main door to show identification to a district employee.
  4. If you have indicated that your child/children will be picked-up daily, you will be given two cards. Each card will have  the same number displayed. That number will correspond to your child/children for the remainder of the year. Two cards are issued to these families so that one of the cards can be given to another adult on the families' approved pick-up list. Your families’ number will be written in chalk on the sidewalk outside the main entrance where you can wait for your child at the end of the day.
  5. Many families will pick-up their children sporadically throughout the year. These families will not be assigned a number. These families will come to the entrance to show ID and be directed to stand on a pavement marking that is not a number (a square, circle, etc.).
  6. Students will be dismissed at 2:50 PM and will meet their family as they wait on their socially distanced chalk number or chalk marking.