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Thank You Colby Schaffner and Lenkerville PTO

The Lenkerville PTO made the generous donation of paint to brighten two areas of our elementary school building; and Colby Schaffner, one of our active PTO members, generously donated his time and talent to make these spaces bright and welcoming for our students. Both areas are special areas to our students.

The Indian Cafe' is an area adjacent to our cafeteria that students can earn the honor in which to dine. Our Indian Cafe' is equipped with high round top tables and stools, a TV with access to "kid appropriate" viewing options, and now, thanks to Colby and the PTO, colorful welcoming surroundings.Indian Cafe'

Colby also painted our Trading Post. Our Trading Post is an area where students have the opportunity to shop using the Tribe Tickets that they earn throughout each school week. 

Trading Post

Lenkerville would also like to thank Mrs. Crystal Romberger. Crystal, being a school district employee, would accompany Colby during the times that he painted, and provided assitance in making these colorful changes possible. Thank you Colby, Crystal, and everyone that's donated to our PTO. Your donations of time and energy truly brighten the world where our students learn.