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The Millersburg Area and Upper Dauphin Area School District Sports Cooperative announces the continuation of extracurricular activities.

The Millersburg Area School District and Upper Dauphin Area School District recognize the unique challenges presented by the COVID-19 pandemic as it relates to extracurricular activities.  Extracurricular activities had previously been suspended until August 31, 2020 due to confirmed cases affecting multiple extracurricular activities. 


The priorities of both school districts remain:


  1. Maintaining the health, safety and welfare of students and staff;
  2. Providing high-quality educational programs while working to get as many students as possible back to in-person learning; and
  3. Providing extracurricular activities to support the growth of the whole child.


While both school districts recognize the importance of extracurricular activities, it is important to understand that the other two priorities take precedent over extracurricular programs.  Therefore, both districts will provide extracurricular activities as long as the other two priorities can be met and sustained. 


Extracurricular activities will resume on August 31, 2020 under strict protocols and constant evaluation by the administrative teams of both districts. The administrative teams have jointly developed a set of criteria, including local case and community spread data, that will be used as part of the evaluative process.  That criteria has been included in a joint addendum to the Extracurricular Health and Safety Plans of both districts.  The addendum will be presented to the Boards at a joint meeting on September 8, 2020.  Should certain criteria be met, extracurricular activities may be suspended temporarily or cancelled for the remainder of the fall 2020 season. It is the hope and desire of the administrative teams that extracurricular activities can continue for the remainder of the fall 2020 season.     


The administrative teams believe the established criteria will allow extracurricular activities to proceed, but most importantly provides safeguards to ensure the first two priorities listed above are being met.  If the information available at any point indicates otherwise, a temporary suspension or full cancellation may occur.  Participants, extracurricular staff, and parents can best support the extracurricular activities by following procedures outlined in the Extracurricular Health and Safety Plans, the overall Phased School Reopening Health and Safety Plans of both districts, and avoiding large and/or non-essential gatherings.  Failure to follow these guidelines could jeopardize the ability of the school districts to safely provide extracurricular activities. 


The administrative teams of both districts look forward to seeing the start of official extracurricular activities for the fall 2020 season.  The addendum to the Extracurricular Health and Safety Plans will be posted to the website upon review and approval by the Board of School Directors.