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Roof Project Update

Millersburg Area School District – Roof Project Update – July 23, 2019


Construction Update

During the summer of 2019, McClure Company completed a roofing project for the Millersburg Area School District. The project scope included the replacement of all ‘Zonolite’ roof sections, as shaded in white below. McClure Company has removed and disposed of all roofing material down to the various deck substrates, including the removal of the Zonolite decking and phenolic insulation connected decking. The roof deck was then prepped for the installation of new insulation with a minimum R-Value of 30 and a new black .060 mil EPDM roof membrane. All seams were sealed, and all edging terminated below the caps utilizing counterflashing as needed.  

To date, McClure is pleased to report:

  • District Office Roof is 99% completed, the trim metal needs finished. District office staff has moved back into office area.
  • Library Roof is 99% completed, the trim metal needs finished.
  • High School roof is 75% completed.
  • The metal trim and detailing will occur at the end of the project.
  • The cloud area in red below is the remaining roof to be replaced.


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