Ms. Wagner's  - Office Hours - Monday-Friday - 8-10 a.m. & 1-3 p.m.

    ENRICHMENT ACTIVITIES:   Scroll down for your class information.  All classes are posted on this home page!

    8th Grade Career Prep (4th Quarter students only) - Please check your email for more detail.

    *Career research project - research a career you have interest in and prepare a slide presentation on that career.  A presentation guideline has been shared to your email account.

    Occupational Outlook Handbook - this link will take you to handbook to research careers.

    Career Presentation Rubric

    *If you have Netflix, watch the movie - Pursuit of Happyness.  This is a true story of the struggles and decisions a man has to make to pursue a career and sacrificies/choices he must make for his family.

    *Banzai - Budgeting Simulation of Teens - Use this link to take you to Banzai.  This is a self guided budgeting simulation that allows you make decisions on spending/saving money.


    7th Grade Computer Applications (4th Quarter students only)- Please check your email for more detail.

    *Typing Lessons and Computer Lessons - Use this link for typing.com lessons, using your google account to log in, and complete the following.

    *Digital Literacy Section - complete the Tech Readiness Lessons

    *Typing Lessons - complete the Advanced Lessons (all sections except numeric keypad unless you have a computer with a keypad)

    *Reinforcements Lessons - complete Cross Curricular (3 sections); Fun to Type (5 sections); Skill Builder (do first 3 sections), if you have keypad access you can complete the numeric keypad/10 key lesson.

    *Google Slides/Power Point - Create a slide show about yourself.  Include a slide for each of the following:  Title Slide (About Me), Your Birthday - Your family, Favorite Classes & Least favorite Classes in school, Favorite Hobbies and or Sports or both, A place you would like to travel, What I want to be (career/job), a favorite video or video clip (appropriate).  Use all the tools available to you to create, ex.  animations, transitions, images, photos, cropping, tables, bullet points, etc.  If you complete in google slides - share with me (Molly Wagner).   


    6th Grade - Computer Applications (4th Quarter students only) - Please check your email for more detail. 

    *Typing and Computer Lessons - Use this link for typing.com lessons, using your google account to log in, and complete the following:

    *Digital Literacy Section - complete the Tech Readiness Lessons

    *Typing Lessons - complete the Beginner lessons (all 15) and Intermediate Lessons (all 12) 


     All Middle School Computer Students - can work on anytime!!!!

    • www.typing.com - work on typing activities and try the coding section to learn more about coding.
    • www.code.org - coding exercises for all levels and tutorials.
    • www.nitrotype.com - work on keyboarding skills
    • Google slides - create a presentation of a place you would like to travel. 
    • Google Drawing  or 3D paint - create pictures
    • www.teachbanzai.com - budgeting/financing simulation - choose the junior level and following instructions to see if you can make/save money!


    Personal Finance (refer to your email for more detailed instructions)

    • www.teachbanzai.com - on-line budgeting/financing simulation; complete Teen and Plus levels   (all parts)
    • Mid Penn Bank banking & checking simulation
    • Stimulus Check - Click on this link, read article and view video. In a google doc - summarize 1) What is the purpose of a stimulus check and what advise is given on how to spend it?  2) What  is the significance of keeping a budget?
    • Credit Card and Debt During The Pandemic - click on this link, view the video and article.  In a google doc -summarize 1) What advise is given to a person seeking credit during this time and 2) Do you think credit card companies are throwing out better deals to people to obtain a credit card. Do you think it is a good time to get a credit card?


    Business & Personal Law (refer to your email for more detailed instructions) updated 

    • Follow the news as it pertains to states early release of prisoners because of the virus.  Summerize your thoughts on a google doc on why states are doing this and your point of view and share on a google doc.
    • Follow the news over the course of the pandemic and has the crime rate increased or decreased.  Write your thoughts on google docs and share the sources (article) you used.
    • Follow the news (local source) - A rally is planned at Pennsylvania's state capitol in Harrisburg today to protest business closures due to the coronavirus. State officials are aware of the gathering and have advised against it.  Summarize on a google doc - 1) how many people attended the rally 2) why were people rallying? 3) did protestors follow social distancing/wear masks 4) any arrests made? was it peaceful?   Share your google doc with me.



    • IF you have Netflix - begin watching The People vs. O.J. Simpson

            Episode 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 10 questions shared individually in google docs 

    OJ Simpson Trial Case Questions  (This link should have all questions 1-8, 10)


    Suggested Movie:  Hot Coffee - famous civil case involving McDonald's.  Amazon and Netflix.

    (This is a true story)


    Excel (refer to your email for more detailed instructions)

    • Google Sheets or Microsoft Excel - Revised Coffee Sales worksheet has also been shared to complete.  On this sheet you will be making a graph/Chart.  Again, this will give you an opportunity to explore google sheets as you have been using Excel.  Once completed, share the sheet with just me.  More activities will continue to be posted next week.


    • Teacher Grade Book Worksheet - Open worksheet; instructions are listed on bottom of the worksheet.  This worksheet will be using the "IF" function/formula to determine grades.  Once finished with worksheet, please share in google sheets to me.
    • RAISE - Conditioned Formula worksheet - Open worksheet in Google sheets; this is using a conditioned formula "IF" to determine if employees will receive a raise based on the years of service the employee has with the company.  The formulas are listed in the instructions at the bottom of the worksheet.  Once finished, please share in google sheets back to me.



    Ms. Molly Wagner

    BUSINESS EDUCATION COURSES: Intro to Word/Google Docs, Intro to Power Point/Google Slides, Intro to Publisher/Google Drawing Board, Excel I/Google Sheets, Business & Personal Law, Intro to Business and Career Prep.
    Email: wagnerme@mlbgsd.k12.pa.us 
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