Academic Overview

6th Grade - Earth Science is a mixture of presentations, group work, projects and labs.  This class focuses on concepts revolving mainly around our earth.  We begin the year learning about and understanding how to solve problems using the scientific method and the engineering process.  Atmosphere, weather and climate are fun topics to study.  A short unit dealing with matter and atoms leads to crystals, minerals and rocks.  Plate tectonics, earthquakes and volcanoes come next.  Finally, astronomy ends the Earth Science curriculum. 

7th Grade – Life Science students are taught that cells are the basic building blocks of all living things.  They learn about the different kingdoms of life, viruses and genetics.  Students use compound light microscopes throughout the year to study the various forms of life and to get a close up look at cells. 

8th Grade – Intro to Physical Science.  Students are taught basic chemistry (atoms, elements, compound and mixtures) and physics (forms of energy, light, sound, Newton’s Laws).  Many labs are done throughout the year to give them hands-on experience with these science concepts.