The name of this organization shall be The Millersburg Archery Club, also known as Millersburg Archery Team. The club shall bear the logo of the approved by the Millersburg School District. The elected officers will design a logo that represents both the district and the club.

The Millersburg Archery Club shall be organized and operated as a non-profit organization. The organization will exist for the purpose or providing its members and the general public with a positive safe environment to practice and learn the recreational and competitive sport of archery. This organization will be in a position to provide instruction to new members as well as access to official archery competitions for those students who wish to compete on the high school level. In compliance with the Millersburg Area School District policy on accounts and funding, this organization has the authority to accept, hold, and invest any financial donations, membership dues, as well as financial aid provided by the district. All generated funds will be used solely for the benefit of the club. Legitimate uses for club funds may include operating costs, equipment purchases, and travel expenses to Millersburg School District approved competitions.

The Millersburg Archery Club is open to all Millersburg students 6th through 12th grades. All members must go through the NASP safety course held during physical education classes. The goal of the Millersburg Archery Club is to provide a safe, educational, and fun environment for anyone interested in the sport of archery regardless of age, race, gender, or ethnicity. All are welcome to practice and participate in club events.

high school students standing