• Physical and Health EducationRunner
    Below are the codes to my Google Classrooms. 
    You should have been invited already if this is not the case then email me and I will send you the link. 
    Your requirements are to respond in class comments each day that you are out of school. 
    I will post everyday and give somethings you can do while at home.
    Homeroom check your school google mail. I have sent you the link to our zoom.  
    Period 2 Sophomore Physical Education: k3mx5hi
    Period 3 Lifetime Fitness and Wellness: ggow6eb
    Period 4 Lifetime Fitness and Wellness: x33mtfz
    Period 5 Lifetime Fitness and Wellness: bfq7vta
    Period 6 Lifetime Fitness and Wellness: sex4qp4
    Period 7 Sophomore Physical Education Class: 3gdxkmb
    Period 8 Freshmen Physical Education Class: dneuf6a
    Physical Education 9th and 10th Grades
    Health Education 10th Grade
    Basic Lifetime Fitness and Wellness 11th and 12th Grades
      "Most people do what is expected of them. Successful people Do More."
    Pat Williams (Coaching Your Kids To Be Leaders)
Last Modified on September 13, 2021