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    Mr. Null
    PLEASE NOTE: All activities listed below are for enrichment and review only.
    For the week of 3-30-2020
    1. Mystery Science This are the "Ask Doug" shorts that the 5th graders really enjoy.  Students don't need accounts or logins to access the videos and student materials (just an e-mail).
    2. Spelling City I believe we left-off on Lesson 16.  Children can play games and take practice tests in both spelling and vocabulary.
    3. Into The Map This is a collection of 5 online activities that provide students the opportunity to apply geography skills while analyzing and creating maps.
    4. Virtual Tours This is a massive list (from Good Housekeeping) of MUSEUMS, ZOOS, and theme parks offering virtual tours.
    5. National Geographic SO MUCH COOL STUFF (science, history, geography)...brain boosters, space, animals, presidents, Native Americans...the list is extensive.
    6. STEAM ACTIVITIES 28 days of steam activities
    7. Hands-on Activities This is the principal's list of things to do during our COVID Closure.  It's going viral:)
    8. Dauphin County Library Here, you can receive your free library card and access to the Dauphin County Library System.
    9. Scholastic Learn At Home Free resources for school closures
    10. Liberty Kids: American Revolution 40 episodes regarding the American Revolution...which is what we are/would have been studying until the end of the year.
    * Enjoy the enrichment activites listed above, but don't forget about the enrichment activities listed below.  Stay well, everyone.  I miss my fifth graders and wish we were back in school!!
    - Mr. Null 
    For the week of 3-23-2020
    1. Read!!!! (Epic is a great online library with lots of books/audiobooks for elementary kids. Our class code is vui7529)

    2. The Declaration of Independence provides some excellent information on what we're currently doing in social studies.

    3. For STEM activities that can be done at home: Harry Needs A HomeHow Potatoes GrowScience with BubblesStem Challenge #1
    4. If you have Amazon Prime, an educational Social Studies video series you can watch is called, “America: The Story of Us.”

    5. Nearpod lessons (codes expire in 29 days)

      1. Comma usage. Class code= MRIGZ 
      2. Text Structure. (2 lessons) Class code= CMPWT and TNWBE
      3. There’s a Crocodile in our Bath reading lesson. Class code= NBPTQ
      4. Should we Clone a Mammoth reading lesson. Class code=WEFPG
      5. Multiplication and Division word problems. Class code= NZPFV
      6. Order of Operations. Class code= BKAFD
      7. Adding and Subtracting Fractions. Class code= DPSIO
      8. Word problems with Fractions. Class code= QSDRJ

    6.     Lexia (ELA)       teacher email= deibertl@mlbgsd.k12.pa.us   

    7.     StudyIsland (ELA/Math/Science)

    8.     Iready (Math)

    9.     Khan Academy (Math) 

    10.  Code.org (Science/Coding) 

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