• "Empowering 21st Century learners, one student at a time …”


     The Millersburg Area School District is committed to empowering 21st Century learners through its academic and extracurricular programs and activities.  As superintendent, I am honored and excited to continue the transformation of the district through the sustained, cooperative efforts of our community: students who establish goals and commit themselves to attain or surpass them; hard-working individuals who facilitate, deliver and contribute to our programs and activities; local and state first responders’ visibility in our schools as well as extracurricular activities; and the families and community partners who are proud, steadfast supporters of these collective efforts.

    These combined efforts have assisted in the development of a robust Comprehensive Plan and Profile of a Graduate with a succinct focus on preparing students for college and career readiness in the 21st Century.  The Profile of a Graduate identifies skills and competencies that our graduates will possess upon graduation – skills beyond the foundational requirements of math, science, history and English.  The Comprehensive Plan will serve as a roadmap to guide and support district decisions through the year 2024!  The four primary goals that will continue to steer the district through 2024:

    • Advance the academic achievement of our students by aligning all curriculum, programs and materials to the appropriate PA Academic and Core Standards.
    • Improve the rigor of our programs by implementing revised sequences of core courses that allow our students to excel in the areas of their choice.
    • Prepare our students for career and college readiness by implementing organized, sequenced career pathways.
    • Incorporate Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics (STEAM) and 21st Century skills throughout the curriculum across all grade levels.

    I invite you to actively attend the various programs, events and activities throughout the year.  I am excited to continue our focus on 21st Century skill development.  I ask for your support of the Board of School Directors, administration and teachers as we continue to transform and grow the learning opportunities available to our students.  

    Inspiring. Learning. Every day.



     Thomas J. Haupt

    Thomas J. Haupt

    Superintendent of Schools