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    Civics & Government- Three-Ring Binder, highlighter, Pen/Pencil

    20th Century American History- Three-Ring Binder, Highlighter, Pen/Pencil, 12 Pack of Colored Pencils

    American History Through Film- Highlighter, Pen/Pencil


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    20th Century American History

    American History Through Film

    Civics and Government



     Heritage Outreach Program
    Each year veterans and other special guests make appearances in my classroom to share their involvement in history.  A special thank you goes out to Korean War Veteran "Nick" Rothermel and Army National Guard Lieutenant Matthew Pochak who were the special guests in 2013. 
    Each year students of American History II take a teacher designed trip to Washington D.C.  The places visited include Arlington National Cemetery, The Smithsonian American History Museum, The Franklin Delano Roosevelt Memorial, The Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial, and the Jefferson Memorial. 

    Fort Indian Town Gap
    The American History II class annually visits Fort Indiantown Gap courtesy of the PA National Guard.
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