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    Optional Enrichment Opportunities for English 

    INITIAL ACTIVITIES (March 13 - April 1) 

    9 English  Please write a poetry journal about what you doing while at home.  This could include you feelings, concerns, or anything you want to express.  2-4 short entries would be great.  Using your poetic devices in your writings would be even better.

    9 Honors English Please go to Youtube and type in "Julius Caesar Play" and watch a few (3-4) of the clips provided for free.  Write down anything that is presented differently in the clip from the way you imagined it.  This could be anything as simple as the costumes and character appearance to the more complex intonation of characters voices and stage direction (where the characters stand and interact with others on stage).

    12 English Please watch the news on 2 different channels in the same day.  Make note of how the "presenter's" use body language, intonation, and the tone in their speech to influence and move their audiences.  Decide which channel did a better job and why.


    ONGOING ACTIVITIES April 6 to May 1


    9 English and 9 Honors English  Please complete the following activities at your own pace. (30 minutes worth per day) Email me your efforts or share your efforts in a Google doc. (you must give me editing rights in the doc. so I can provide feedback)

    Short Story Text

    Short Story Activity page

    Poetry activities for Standard/Honors

    12 English Please see the Google Classroom set up for all grade 12 students for assignments and feedback.

    Speech Activity also available on Google Classroom