• The Millersburg Area School District Board of Education is committed to a policy of non-discrimination against any student because of race, creed, color, national origin, sex, age, marital status, or non-relevant handicap. The policy applies to students with respect to admission, treatments, programs of instruction, use of curricular materials, activities, services, and availability of facilities.




    Board Members

    Jason Minnich, President

    J. Bruce Walter, Vice President

    Desiree DeSoto

    Jason Enders

    Donald P. Harris

    Bruce Kance

    Tennille Mongold

    Ryan S. Novinger

    Mark D. Rothermel



    Thomas J. Haupt, Superintendent
    Gareth D. Pahowka, Esq., Solicitor*
    Cathy S. Artz, Secretary*
    Missy Long, Treasurer*
    * Indicates Non-members