• Name: Ms. Kelly Ford
    Email Address: fordk@mlbgsd.k12.pa.us
    Phone number: 717-692-2108



     Ms. Ford's Webpage



    Homeroom Attendance  - Please go to your Google Classroom for Homeroom and join the Zoom meeting.  If this is a virtual day, this is the only Zoom you will need to join.


    Zoom meetings for students who are home when school is in session are located in the Google Classroom for the student's particular section of ELA.  Please go to your ELA class and join the Zoom meeting for that particular class.  Again, this is only for times when school is in session and NOT a virtual day.   


    All student work, calendars, and information for ELA is located in the student's Google Classroom. Please have the students sign onto that site, where they can also send messages to me directly.  










    6th Grade ELA Canvas Course





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