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    Hi Everyone!! I wanted to let you know that all the 5th grade math standards have been taught.   I specfically do this so students are prepared for the PSSA state assessment that is administered in the spring.  I usually spend this time of the year preparing for the PSSAs and strengthing the skills we already worked on earlier in the year.  I´ll be listing videos, quizzes, and reviews for topics that students usually struggle mastering. Each day will have assignments listed.   These are not graded.   Try your best to watch the videos and complete the worksheets.  I do not want this to be stressful for you or your family.  If you are having a tough time, please let me know.  The steps I would like you to follow for the planned instructional activities are listed below.  
    1) You will start with a year long review section that will last anywhere from 10-30 minutes.  Problems will be attached with the answer key at the bottom.  If your child is having a difficult time with a concept...please let me know and I´ll surely help. Some problems might not convert correctly depending on the computer software.  Let me know if it doesn´t work for you.  Thanks for your patience.  
    2) Videos will be attached below the year long review questions.  These videos will focus on a certain topic.   Each video will last approximately 4-6 minutes with mini quizzes and review concepts.  Students shouldn't have to login to their khan account to watch the videos and to complete the quizzes.  
    3)  Although not listed,  you can always work on supplemental resources. Students can get on study island, khan academy, and IREADY. If you need your password....please contact me ASAP.
    4)  I will also be on Zoom every Thursday with Miss Deibert if you need to discuss anything math related.  Times to follow.  
    5) Last instructional day is May 29th.  Half day! 
    Below are a list of websites and supplemental resources that you can use. These are not mandatory.  Just ideas.
Last Modified on May 25, 2020