Mr. Book has created a video on YouTube for this time off of school due to COVID19 which presents art opportunities for all Millersburg High School students (even those who do not currently have an Art class). Click on the link below to access this video and information. 

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    Mr. Book
    Art Department

    Room C145

    School email:


    The Millersburg High School Art Department is run by Mr. Book.  He instructs all levels of high school art:
    Art Foundations
    Photography & Photoshop 
    Graphic Design
    Sculpture & Ceramics
    Drawing & Painting
    Life Skills
    In these classes students are taught the basic building blocks of art called the elements and principles of design through a variety of art media. Mr. Book encourages students to continue through the art program and build portfolios of their artwork for prospective colleges.  He also schedules days in which college representatives give presentations, helping students to find art colleges that they are interested in pursuing.
    Click on one of the following links to reach Mr. Book's Canvas pages:
    You can view Faculty Talent Show Painting videos at the following web addresses:







Last Modified on April 9, 2020