• All Millersburg student athletes, parents, and coaches must review the Millersburg Area School District Extracurricular Health and Safety Plan BEFORE participating in/attending any preseason OTA's (Optional Team Activities) prior to the first official PIAA mandatory practice date of Monday, August 17, 2020.  The Athletic Training staff and/or the coaching staff will conduct COVID-19 screenings for every participant and coaching staff member prior to each scheduled OTA using the form on page 8 of of Plan.  If any responses are "YES", the participant or coach will NOT be allowed to practice or compete, and will be asked to leave school grounds.  A copy of the Plan can be found at this link:  MASD Extracurricular Health and Safety Plan

    Prior to participating in/attending any OTA's, all Millersburg student athletes, parents, and coaches must review and sign the Participation Acknowledgement for Communicable Diseases Including COVID-19 "Waiver" form found here:  Acknowledgement "Waiver"

    On September 8, 2020, the Millersburg Area School District (MASD) and Upper Dauphin Area School District (UDASD) Boards of School Directors approved an Addendum to Extracurricular Health and Safety Plans (Addendum) that will apply to both school districts. The Addendum is intended to provide criteria for the continuation of the 2020 fall season, provide information regarding spectators at fall events, and information about the delay of open gyms and use of fitness facilities for the 2020-21 winter activities.

    A Copy of the Addendum can be view at this link:  Addendum to Extracurricular Health and Safety Plans

    As directed by the Pennsylvania Interscholastic Athletic Association and PIAA District III, the MASD and UDASD will follow the orders in place with the 25 person restriction for indoor events and 250 person restriction for outdoor events based on the Targeted Mitigation Order issued by Governor Tom Wolf and the PA Department of Health (DOH). The spectator breakdown allowed during this time is designated as Level A in the following table.

    At such time as the Targeted Mitigation Order is lifted or the legal counsel of the school districts confirm that any new law or order supersedes the Targeted Mitigation Order, the MASD and UDASD may increase spectator levels based on the current public health situation and associated risk levels at that time. This increased spectator allowance will be designated as Level B in the following table. Should the spectator level be moved from Level A to Level B, the announcement will be made on the website of both districts and coaches will be asked to post the change on their social media/parent apps.

    The following criteria have been used to guide the development of activity and spectator levels:

    • The health and safety of students and staff and the desire to continue in-person learning will be the primary driver of decisions regarding extracurricular activities;
    • The MASD and UDASD recognizes the importance of providing opportunities for all activities— including those in marching band and cheerleading;
    • The districts recognize the importance of providing priority to senior parents when sufficient capacity is not available for all parents to attend; and
    • When it is not possible to have all participants at an event, teams/groups will be divided based on discussions with coaches and advisors to provide logical groupings.

    For football spectators, please note that the lower gates will not be open. All spectators must park in the main parking lot or in front of the school. The rear parking lot will be reserved for players, staff, media, and officials. No spectators will be allowed to watch from other areas of school property. Home games will be broadcast on the Trojan Broadcasting Network.

    On October 8, 2020, the Millersburg Area and Upper Dauphin Area School Districts issued a statement containing revised spectator levels for extracurricular activities. Part of that statement read, “The administrative teams of both districts will continually evaluate the spectator levels and make decisions for future events based on criteria identified in the Addendum to the Extracurricular Health and Safety Plan.” Based on that evaluation, the administrative teams have developed a modification to the spectator levels for varsity football games.

    Beginning with the football game against Fleetwood on October 23, 2020, the following activity and spectator rules will take effect.

    • The entire football team will be present, and two spectator passes per football participant will be issued.
    • The entire cheerleading squad will be present, and two spectator passes per cheerleading participant will be issued.
    • The entire band (Millersburg Area and Upper Dauphin Area) will be present.
      • Two spectator passes per senior band member will be issued.
      • One spectator pass per underclassman band member will be issued.
    • No extra passes or tickets will be sold or given out other than those listed above.
    • Away spectators will not be allowed.
    • Individuals without passes are not allowed to view the game from on school property.

    It is important to understand that the Amendment to the Order of the Pennsylvania Department of Health Directing Mitigation Measures established two criteria related to the occupancy of venues:

    1. Twenty-five (25) percent of maximum occupancy; and
    2. Compliance with six (6) foot social distancing requirements.

    Consequently, the school districts must look at occupancy with six (6) foot social distancing requirements in place. The districts have determined that occupancy to be much lower than the twenty-five (25) percent number for the stadium.

    To help ensure six (6) foot social distancing requirements, the districts require the following:

    1. Spectators must be in designated seating areas of the bleachers (bleacher seating is not guaranteed), designated standing/seating areas around the interior fence line (around the track), or designated standing/seating areas in the end zone.

    2. When in the bleachers, spectators are asked to sit in designated seats that are marked with orange tape and not sit in areas that are marked as non-seating areas.

    3. When along the fence or in the end zone, spectators are asked to stand/sit in the areas marked by orange paint and avoid areas marked with white paint.

    4. At no time may spectators enter the contest area including the track, bench areas, or playing field areas.

    5. Be aware of and respect social distancing separation with other spectators and wear face coverings at all times while in the venue.

    6. After the contest, do not congregate on school grounds.

    It is the desire of both school districts to provide a safe environment for all involved, and to continue to be able to provide in-person instruction to students. It is also the desire of both districts to continue to provide extracurricular opportunities for our students. Compliance with the pass restrictions, social distancing and face covering requirements are paramount for the health, safety, and well-being of all involved. Failure to comply with these rules may result in spectators not being allowed into future events.

    The administration of both schools ask for and appreciate the cooperation of all involved.