• 2019-2020 School Year
    The family-school connection is vital to your child's success; when all portions of a child's life can come together, he/she has the proper educational foundation for the future.

    Please follow this link to my CANVAS website: 6th Grade ELA (2019-20).

    Please follow this link to my CANVAS website:  7th Grade ELA (2019-20). 


    ** Continuity of Education Plan:  Assignments can be found in 6th Grade ELA or 7th Grade ELA classes in Google Classroom. 

    ** All progress monitoring information will be shared within the My Middle School Kids! class.

    OFFICE HOURS:  I can be reached Monday through Friday from 8-10 am and 1-3 pm daily.  Please email me or send a message through GoogleClassroom or GoGuardian Chat.  


    If you ever have questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me.  

    Contact Information:
    School Phone:  717-692-2108 x4206


Last Modified on April 16, 2020