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    Instrumental Music Program

    • Lessons are scheduled once during a cycle week.
    • Each lesson will be 1/2 of a class period so that students will not miss the entire period.
    • Lessons will consist of only 1 or 2 students at a time.
    • Lessons will stay of the same cycle day and time for a marking period.
    • Lesson times will rotate each marking period so that a student will not miss the same class all year.
    • I recommend that students practice 100 minutes between lessons/labs.
    • BAND rehearsals are on DAYS 2 & 4.
    • There are 2 concerts per school year.
    • A concert in December and in April for Band & Chorus students.
    Chorus Program
    • Chorus rehearsals are on Day 1 & 5.
    • If you love to sing, join chorus and participate in our vocal music program.
    • There are 2 performances during the school year - a concert in December and in April. 
    • You may be selected to participate in Dauphin County Chorus Festival.


Last Modified on August 18, 2021