• Mr. Slemmer - Music

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         Music allows us to celebrate and preserve our cultural heritages, and also to explore the realms of expression, imagination, and creation resulting in new knowledge. Therefore, every individual should be guaranteed the opportunity to learn music and to share in musical experiences.

         At Lenkerville, students are given the opportunity to make music during every music class, and students in 4th and 5th grade are eligible to join the chorus and band, which present two concerts per year.

    Why Teach Music?



    Click on the link above to check out some of the songs we sing in music class and much, much more! New items are being added every week. You'll find playlists such as:

         Kindergarten Songs
         1st Grade Songs
         2nd Grade Songs
         3rd Grade Songs
         4th Grade Songs
         5th Grade Songs
         Original Versions (these are the original versions of songs we've learned in class)
         Instruments (everything from videos on how instruments are made to examples of outstanding playing)
         Music Examples (these are videos that illustrate concepts or things we've discussed in class)
         Miscellaneous (videos having to do with music that are just plain fun)

         Not all of the videos are actual "videos". In other words, some of them will be just the song accompanied by a static image. But you'll still be able to listen to the song!

         Have fun!


Last Modified on September 10, 2021