• September 3, 2021,

    The District requested and received clarifying guidance from the Department of Health regarding the information they provided to us earlier this week, which required students to obtain a negative PCR test to end quarantine early. We know this was unwelcome news to our families and we recognize the hardship and expense this puts on our parents, who are trying to get their students back into the classrooms as soon as possible.

    The updated guidance from the Epidemiology Department at the DOH regarding the eligible tests is as follows:

    DOH will accept PCR, antigen, and at–home tests. However, each school or business is permitted to establish their own policies regarding acceptance of at-home COVID antigen tests. Additionally, persons who test negative but have ongoing symptoms should be encouraged to consult with their primary care physicians. Asymptomatic persons who test positive using an at home COVID antigen test may benefit from a follow-up PCR test.

    Millersburg Area School District will accept at-home tests in accordance with the DOH guidelines below. We apologize to any families who had difficulty this week as they worked to obtain the negative PCR tests. We believe that our work today with the DOH will result in a much more family-friendly method to have your child potentially end quarantine early. Remember, a test to end quarantine early may not be administered prior to Day 5 of quarantine (based on the last date of contact) for the negative results to be valid.


Last Modified on September 3, 2021