• Specials 


    Day 1: i-Pad/keyboarding (with me) - At this time we do could do code.org, kahoot, Lexia, i-Ready/i-Ready games, and student choice


    Day 2: Music - With Mr. Bowling visit https://www.youtube.com/user/LenkervilleMusic/featured


    Day 3: Gym with Mrs. Mowery and Mrs. Caprio visit their sites Mrs. Caprio Gym activities or Mrs. Mowery (her canvas says April and May they work on throwing/catching/tag games


    Day 4: Art with Ms. Hoffman visit her site Ms. Hoffman's site


    Day 5: with Mrs. Love visit her site Mrs. Love's site


    Day 6: Guidance with Mrs. Cowger visit her site for her resources Mrs. Cowger's site


    When in school we follow a six day cycle for specials. Since we will be doing online instruction I will recommend a special to view and you can decide a suggestion provide by that specialist teacher by clicking on their name to go directly to their site and see their resource suggestions. I will attempt to recommend some other ones too, but at the very least I will recommend which special to view, so you are not doing the same one every day, as if they were in school.