• Listing sites/apps with other good resources available for your children


     epic - getepic.com or an App - I sent an invite to parent email address to access epic for free until June 30th. Supposedly, if you are on it during the school hours you only need the class code but outside school hours you need to access from the invite I sent you. The class code is - pgs9236 then they will select their profile. This resource has books that read-aloud to the students, audiobooks, books for students to read (some have quizzes), videos, songs, and more. 



    duolingo - An app or website (duolingo.com) for students to learn another language. I have not made most of the students accounts so feel free to create a free acount for the students and incorporate these short lessons into your day. 


    ABCmouse - free for thirty days 




    Khan Academy - https://learn.khanacademy.org/khan-academy-kids/  - Adaptive and independent learning activities available on this site or on an app. 

    khan academy for kids

    PBSkids.org - a site with fun learning games and videos - https://pbskids.org/


    ABCya - https://www.abcya.com/grades/1  - has math, reading, puzzles and more for your student