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    Guide To Internet Service During Coronavirus COVID-19


    Supplementary Resources for Parents and Students:


    There are literally hundreds of providers who have been digitally communicating about educational resources available online during this crisis.  Many of these resources may be fine and appropriate but it is impossible for administrators to review each one and provide any endorsement.  Therefore, at this time, the administration is only endorsing and recommending the three resources below. 


    One resource that has been developed by our local Capital Area Intermediate Unit has student educational resources as well as parent resources available.  The district trusts the content on this website will be helpful to all families. 

    The website is:  Reaching Every Child


    At the elementary level, the district uses two instructional programs as part of its core language arts and mathematics instruction.  These two programs are i-Ready systems by Curriculum Associates and the Sonday system by Winsor Learning.  There is a third resource the elementary uses for language arts practice called Lexia Core 5.  Students in grades K-5 have been working with the i-Ready mathematics and Lexia Core 5 all year and are very familiar with them.  Both can be remotely accessed, and your child may be able to access them completely on their own without help.  However, parents can contact their teacher via email if they want to access these resources and need help.


    In addition, Curriculum Associates and Winsor Learning have set up special websites with no passwords or fees necessary during this crisis.  District administration has reviewed both resources and feel they are excellent practice/supplementary resources for all elementary students. 


    The Sonday resource can be accessed at:  https://bit.ly/3dfigQD


    The i-Ready resource can be accessed at:  www.i-Ready.com/athome