BE RESPONSIBLE: Take ownership for your choices!  Blaming others and making excuses are the primary characteristics of a loser.


    BE COACHABLE:  Earnestly seek the advice and wisdom of your coaches.


    BE ACTIVE:  No championship has ever been won by people standing around waiting for someone else to do it.  There is no such thing as an “accidental champion”.


    BE COMMITTED: “All In” . . . every day, every play.


    BE POSITIVE:  Embrace every practice, every game, every play as an opportunity to improve personally and as a team.  A positive attitude is contagious.


    BE A TEAM PLAYER:  Individual statistics and accolades are meaningless when compared to the team’s performance.  Understand your role and perform it better than anyone else.  Encourage others.


    BE PERSISTENT:  It’s not a question of getting knocked down, winners don’t stay down . . . they get back up!  Over, and over, and over, and over . . .


    Source:  The Seven Decisions; Understanding the Keys to Personal Success by:  Andy Andrews