Welcome to the middle school art room! with Ms. Hoffman

    My goal for you this quarter is not to turn you into the next famous artist.  

    My goal is to ensure you have success with at least a few of the projects introduced.

    You might like some projects and you might not like some projects, but either way you will learn something about thinking creatively and problem solving.

    Remember - it's not about using the crayons, it's about the learning!


    Students will work with a variety of materials as time permits including pencils, markers, paint, clay, photography, and computer technology.  Our curriculum includes the role of artists in society, recognizing art as a form of communication and self-expression, and identifying elements of art including line, shape, form, color, texture, and space.  Art History instruction is also a component of the curriculum. 

                All projects are meant to help students use their imagination and creative thinking skills to solve various art project problems.   I align my lesson plans carefully to the criteria in the National Core Visual Arts Standards and to the standards set by the Millersburg Area School District.


    Class Expectations/Student Responsibilities

    It is expected that all art room students will follow the behavior rules and expectations set by the Millersburg Area Middle School at all times.  In addition, to ensure the safety of students and resources in the art room, students are expected to be RESPONSIBLE, to be RESPECTFUL, and to be READY to work.   The following are the basic art room rules…

    • Show respect for the classroom, the materials, the artworks, the teacher, and the other students in the room.
    • Use appropriate language for school setting.
    • Come to class on time with your materials available and your brain ready to work.
    • Complete projects within the assigned time period and hand in all project on the set due date to ensure full credit for artwork completion.

    Art Assessment –

    Art students at the middle school will be assessed in 3 areas:

    Effort (45%)

    Craftsmanship (45%)

    Citizenship (10%)

    What to expect from me:   I will be open-minded about ideas students have and I will give them as much freedom in working with materials and techniques as I can.  I will grade fairly, not on talent but on effort.  I will be available to answer any questions and provide any help needed. 

    What I expect from the students:   You will come to class on time and ready to work.  You will listen and pay attention when I am giving instructions and during demonstrations.  You will treat the materials and supplies with respect.  You will treat others the way you would like to be treated. You will not speak negatively about your art work or the art work of others.

Last Modified on August 31, 2017