• Prerequisite(s): A willingness to work with the director and other students.  Appropriate behavior is an absolute requirement.  No other prerequisite is required, but knowledge of the rudiments of music is desirable.

    Skills: Application, critical thinking, performance, cooperative learning, physical conditioning.

    Purpose:  This course is designed to teach students the technical music skills of their respective voice parts and musicianship/sight-reading skills involved in the large and small group performance of the art.

    Description:  The Concert Choir is a performing organization of students from grades 9-12.  Many of the students who sing in the choir each year have had no previous musical experience.  An ability to read music is not a required skill.  Through membership in the group, that skill will be taught to each student.  All styles of choral literature will be explored in reading situations and in preparation for performances.  The choir performs two (2) major concerts each year.  Prominent conductors may work with the concert choir in clinic situations.  Occasionally, a men's choir or women's choir in addition to a chamber choir will be an adjunct of this choir.  All students who are enrolled in concert choir are responsible for the preparation and the adjudication of musical materials.  Subject areas will include posture, breath control, attack tone, resonance, and diction, range, intonation and vocal interpretation as involved in correct singing processes.  County Chorus, PMEA District, Regional, and State Choir Festivals provide an opportunity to showcase our highly talented students in their pursuit of excellence.

    Requirements:  Attendance at all rehearsals and performances, proper maintenance and upkeep of music and folder.

Last Modified on August 19, 2021