September, 2015


    The new secure vestibule at Lenkerville Elementary is now complete and fully functional! As with any construction project some final finish details need contractor attention, but the project as a whole is complete.


    The new lights have arrived and have been installed in the high school gymnasium. The area has been cleaned and is now ready for use by the students and staff. 


    Phase II of the HS/MS project is now in full swing. The timeframe for completion of this phase is slated for Jan. 1, 2016.  The work in this phase includes the completion of the high school classrooms and miscellaneous rooms in the stage area; the rooms are being completed in blocks of three to four classrooms at a time. Phase II also includes installation of new ceiling grid and tile, new light fixtures, and completion of the new HVAC system in the high school area. 


    The next update will be provided in mid-October!