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Swim Team Participates in Bulldog Bash!

Our Swim Team participated in the Bulldog Bash on December 28th, 2017 at Big Spring High School.  Below is a photo of the team as well as their race results.  Congratulations, Swimmers!

Swim Team

Front Row (L to R)

Assistant Coach Scott Roadcap, Taylor Bowman - Junior Millersburg, Lydia Troutman - Junior Millersburg, McKenna Border - Senior Millersburg, Lindsey Casner - Senior Millersburg, Natalie Miller - Junior Halifax, Jessica Hoffman - Sophomore Halifax, Head Coach Jennifer Miller.

Second Row (L to R)

Early Stipe - Junior Halifax, Logan Roadcap - Junior Millersburg, Aaron Blayer - Junior Millersburg, Kaitlyn Lebo - Sophomore Halifax, Emily Miller - Senior Halifax, Shannon Seiders - Sophomore Millersburg and Lauren Hoffman - Freshman Halifax.  


Women's 50 Yard Freestyle


8th Natalie Miller 28.12

14th Emily Miller  28.79

17th McKenna Border 29.42 

19th Kaitlyn Lebo  29.67 

21st Jessica Hoffman 29.88

25th Lindsey Casner 30.68 

35th Lydia Troutman 31.80

84th Lauren Hoffman 41.94


Women's 100 Yard Freestyle

19th McKenna Border 1:07.53

36th Taylor Bowman 1:12.62


Women's 100 Yard Butterfly

18th Shannon Seiders 1:19.03


Women's 100 Yard Backstroke

10th Natalie Miller 1:09.40

12th Lindsey Casner 1:11.95

28th Lydia Troutman 1:19.32


Women's 100 Yard Breaststroke

9th Kaitlyn Lebo 1:20.17

12th Emily Miller 1:22.18

16th Jessica Hoffman 1:24.24

38th Lauren Hoffman 1:53.43



Men's 50 Yard Freestyle

9th Logan Roadcap 24.21

67th Aaron Blayer 31.17

72nd Earl Stipe 31.67


Men's 100 Yard Freestyle

63rd Earl Stipe 1:17.10

64th Aaron Blayer 1:18.65


Men's 100 Yard Backstroke

3rd Logan Roadcap 58.73