Incomplete Homework


    In order to review essential skills gone over in the classroom, homework will be given Monday through Thursday.  If a student fails to bring in their homework, the following consequences follow (every month the student will start over):


    1st offense:  Warning (Nobody is perfect 100% of the time.)  The

                        assignment must be done at home and returned the following                  


    2nd offense:  Homework will be completed during recess time (The

                         student will be able to go out after they have completed

                         their homework).

    3rd offense:  Homework will be completed during recess time.  (The

                        student will stay in the entire recess).

    4th offense:  Call home

    5th offense:  Homework Detention (The student will stay in for all three




    When a student is absent, I will place an absent folder on their desk. In this folder, I will place the papers that we have completed throughout the day.  I have attached a paper requesting the name, grade, and teacher (if possible) of another student who you would like me to give the homework to, if your child is absent.  Students have the same number of days to complete their homework, as they were gone.  For example, if Jon misses 2 days, then he has 2 days to complete his homework.  A lot of work we will do, will be group work hence, regular attendance is strongly encouraged.  




Last Modified on June 16, 2005