• Checklist for Proofreading and Revising


    Check your paper:

     Do I have a meaningful title?

     Do I have an introduction?

     Do I have a conclusion or a summary at the end?

     Does my entire paper focus on the topic?


    Check your paragraphs:

    Do I start every paragraph on a new line?

    Is the first line of every paragraph indented?

    Do sentences in the paragraphs support the main idea?

    Do I include facts, details, explanations, reason, examples, or illustrations to support my main idea?

    Do I need to take out any sentences that do not relate to my main idea?


    Check your sentences:

    Do I capitalize the first word of every sentence?

    Do I end every sentence with the correct punctuation mark?

    Do I express a complete idea in every sentence?

    Do my pronouns have clear antecedents? 

    Do I have any run-on sentences that I need to correct?

    Can I improve my sentences?

    Can I cut out any unnecessary words (double talk)?

    Do I avoid using slang or informal phrases?

    Can I add adjectives, adverbs, or prepositional phrases?

    Can I combine short, related ideas into longer, more varied sentences?


    Check your verbs:

    Do I have a subject and verb in every sentence? 

    Do my subject and verb agree in every sentence? (The fighters were..  NOT.. The fighters was..)

    Is my verb tense logical in every sentence? (past, present, future)

    Is my verb tense consistent in every sentence?


    Check your punctuation and capitalization:

    Do I capitalize all my proper nouns and proper adjectives?

    Do I capitalize and punctuate all my direct quotations correctly?

    Do I use commas properly?


    Check your spelling:

    Do I choose the correct spelling for each homonym? (there vs. their)

    Do I use an apostrophe only in contractions and possessive nouns?





Last Modified on September 5, 2014