• Preview the text before reading: look at the cover, title, table of contents, subtitles, picture, illustrations, graphics, captions.
    • Make predictions about what will come next as you read.
    • Set a purpose for reading and make sure your reading matches your purpose (i.e. read slowly to understand new concepts while you read quickly when reading for enjoyment).
    • Consider what you already know and connect it to new concepts.
    • Skim the text before you read.  It will help you focus on important parts of the text.
    • Find the main idea of each paragraph so you know what is going on as you read and you won't end up confused many pages later!
    • Pick out key details such as examples, facts, statistics, reasons, definitions, and descriptions.
    • After you read, summarize it in your own words out loud or in writing.

      If you are still having difficulty, try:
      ~ reading more slowly
      ~ re-reading parts that are confusing
      ~ look back at pictures, illustrations
      ~ Get help! Ask a teacher or parent for help.
Last Modified on September 5, 2014