Before Class:
    • Skim or review book or notes from previous class
    • Gather all materials needed (book, paper, pen, etc.)
    • Arrive early and get organized
    • Sit near the front of the room if possible
    • Date each page of notes before class begins
    During Class:
    • Write the main points your teacher states and/or repeats
    • Include details, explanations, examples, discussions, etc.
    • Copy whatever the teacher writes on the board
    • Notice your teachers' gestures and pay attention to their voice (speed, volume, etc.)
    • Listen for important or emphasized words
    After Class:
    • Ask the teachers questions if you have any
    • Ask other students if you missed something
    • Review your notes briefly within 24 hours
    • Re-write or edit your notes as needed
    Other Suggestions:
    • Use standard sized paper with a 3-ring binder
    • Keep a separate organized notebook for each subject
    • Use abbreviations or shorthand
    • Don't try to write every word
    • Stay focused
    • Don't forget to LISTEN
    • Develop your own personal system and stick with it
Last Modified on September 5, 2014