• SSR Guidelines:

    • Books must be appropriate to school
    • Books must be appropriate to your age level
    • Books must be 200+ pages (books 500+ pages will count for two books if you so wish)
    • You must keep a reading log for every time you read…even if it is just 5 minutes
    • You must have your book approved by Ms. Robbins (consists of having her look at the book and initial you first reading log)
    • You should bring your book every day to class—points will be assigned randomly.
    • You must read 2 books per marking period.
    • After completing a book, you must
      • Answer questions regarding your book

    AND (stapled to your questions)

    turn in your completed reading logs.


    Reading Logs (Microsoft Publisher Document)
    Final Assignment (Microsoft Word Document)

Last Modified on September 5, 2014