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    All About Me!
    My education:                                                                       snoopy grad
    • Bachelors in Elementary Education at Penn State
    • Certified in Early Childhood Education
    • Masters in Teaching and Curriculum at Penn State
    • Certified K-12 Reading Specialist
    • Certified in Middle Level Social Studies

    My personal life:
    • Married for 34 years to Mike Minnich
    • Four sons:
    Kevin Sgrignoli, married w/ 2 children
    Brad Sgrignoli, married w/ 6 children
    Jim Sgrignoli, married w/ 7 children
    Michael (step son), married w/ 2 children
                                                                                                  little keds
    • My Hobbies/Interests
    My husband and I are deep into remodeling our 150+ year old house, so all of our "free" time is spent working on fixing and updating its interior and exterior. Whew, it is a lot of hard work but very gratifying!
    I enjoy reading in my spare time, especially the following genres: murder, mystery, love.
    My family is very precious to me and I always look forward to spending time with them, especially my 17 grandchildren!
    I love flowers and enjoy being surrounded by them, but I don't have much of a green thumb. I enjoy gardening, but it always has a tendency of getting away from me until my weeds look better than my flowers!
     purple flowers

Last Modified on August 28, 2016