Here are some links to websites that might be of interest to you. Some sites are geared toward
    your child's academics while others are more general parenting sites with interesting and helpful
    articles and links. See my "Student Study Links" page for more sites that could help your child
    with homework or practicing specific skills such as math and spelling.
    Parenting Sites- although some also include a homework section.
    www.familyeducation.com/home - This site is broken down by the child's age along with a section
    for moms. Nice over-all family guide!
    www.focusas.com - (Focus: Adolescent Services) Lots of articles and resources to help parents with
    their adolescents and teenagers.
     www.kidinfo.com - a guide to young children's resources, homework help, games and coloring books,
    along with videos and PowerPoint slide shows for parents.

    http://lincs.ed.gov/node/50   - Some informative articles for parents about young readers

    https://lincs.ed.gov/publications/html/parent_broch/  Put Reading First-Helping Your Child Learn
    to Read  (National Institute For Literacy)
     www.understood.org/en - Great website for parent of children with learning disabilities.
    http://www.spac.k12.pa.us/parentresources.htm Click on this link to go to the State Parent Advisory Council (SPAC) to print a copy of the "Title I Parent Resource Center Order Form." You may select up to 10 informational booklets totally free of charge - it will only cost you the price of a stamp!
    Math Help
    www.figurethis.org/index.html - FigureThis! website provides math challenges for kids and
    their families. Also has a help section that guides kids through math problems in algebra, geometry,
    and more.
Last Modified on September 6, 2016