It is the student's responsibility to:
     Copy their homework in their planners each night!
    Bring home all the required materials for homework!
    Just try and do your best and neatest work at all times!

    It is the parent's responsibility to:
    Make sure there is a time set aside each night for homework!
    Make a quiet place to concentrate with pencils and paper and supplies!
    Check over student's work to make sure it is complete, but don't do it for them!

    It is the teacher's responsibility to:
    Assign homework that is necessary for practice and enhances learning!
    Not assign work that is meaningless and redundant!
    Make sure students are copying homework in planners!
    Check homework to:
     -assess student progress
     -find problem areas that need extra teaching

    *I will not give hours and hours of homework each night.  I believe student's need to do meaningful assignments to help them succeed, but also need time for extra curricular activities as well.  Basic homework includes reading anything, practicing math facts, and studying study guides.  It should not take hours to complete.  20-50 minutes is plenty of time.  Never spend more than an hour on work.  If this should happen please see me about it.


Last Modified on September 15, 2015