Welcome to 4th grade!



    Lenkerville Elementary School
    520 South Market Street
    Millersburg, PA  17061




    Link to Mrs. Miller's Canvas English Course: 4th Grade English Syllabus

    Course Description/Expectations:  Throughout the year, students will focus on developing writing skills. The basic writing content concentrates on writing quality sentences, organizing paragraphs, and adding detail to writing. Students will continue to use effective planning tools such as graphic organizers and outlines to create well-organized compositions. Through the five-stages of the writing process: prewriting, drafting, revising, editing, and publishing students will write narrative and informative compositions. Student will continue to master spelling, grammar, and language skills. Daily reading and writing activities will support critical thinking skills that relate to what students are reading.


    Link to Mrs. Miller's Canvas Reading Course:  4th Grade Reading Syllabus


    Course Description/Expections:  To improve their reading skills students will learn how to link prior knowledge to what they are reading, how to determine if information is a first or second hand account, will practice reading nonfiction, and will learn how to make predictions about what will happen next in a story. Through writing practice students will improve their abilities to paraphrase, write essays, construct a story from idea to finished product, write a play, and write a persuasive essay. Students will be encouraged to visualize what they are reading and writing about, to make connections between stories, and to ask questions about what they read.






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Last Modified on August 29, 2018