• Description
    STEM is an abbreviation for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics.  This elective, semester course will bring these four branches together through problem solving and discussion of various topics.  Students will be given tasks ranging from pen and paper calculations, to designing and building some object, to gathering and organizing information.  This course will take a hands on approach to exploring and accomplishing a variety of tasks. 
    There is no text book for this class.  I did not purchase every imaginable item we may need for projects in this class and am trying to make use of material we already have available to us.  Occasionally, your child may come home asking about certain items that he needs for this class.  I don't intend for these to be pricey items that you need to go out and purchase.  It may be something as basic as getting a shoebox or paper towel tubes.  Don't be fooled by their requests for a gold plated Playstation or a new phone that they NEED for STEM... nothing that expensive.  If you have questions about any materials, please email me and I can clarify the situation.
    Your grade will be based on total points accumulated through the marking period
    Letter grades according to school grading.
    Your percentage = your points earned/total points
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Last Modified on August 21, 2014