• Weighted Grading Calculation
    My grades are posted in Powerschool, which you have the opportunity to access online.  If you haven't already done so, please visit the high school office and they will give you a username and password so that you are able to keep up to date on your child's grades in all classes.  I encourage you to share that username and password with the student, as they are often curious about where their grade stands throughout the marking period.   
    If you are unfamiliar with a weighted grading system, here is how it works.  I've set it up so that quizzes, tests and such will make up 60% of a student's grade for the marking period.  The other 40% of their grade will come from notebook and reading checks, homework, and class assignments. 
    Example:  A student has a quiz score of 21/25 and a test score of 43/50.  His reading checks scores are 20/20 and his homework scores add up to 35/40.  Quizzes and tests get lumped together, so he has 64/75 in that category.  Reading checks and homework are combined, so he has 55/60 in that category. 
    60% of quizzes and tests plus 40% of reading checks and homework = final percentage
    0.6(64/75) + 0.4(55/60) = 0.88
    This student's score at this point in the marking period is an 88%. 
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Last Modified on August 19, 2014