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    This is a more rigorous version of the Precalculus course.  Academic Precalculus extends concepts from Algebra and Geometry.  Topics on exponents, roots, and complex numbers are introduced.  This course focuses on characteristics of quadratic, power, radical, polynomial, exponential, and logarithmic functions, along with solving related equations.  Trigonometric functions, along with identities and related equation solving are included. 

    Your grade will be based on points accumulated through the marking period in two weighted categories.  
    Letter grades according to school grading scale.  

    60%      tests, quizzes, certain projects and assignments may fall in this category
    40%      notebook and reading checks, homework, classwork, projects
    Homework – Assignments meant to introduce topics, reinforce concepts and practice skills.   
    In class assignments – Practice or discovery activities that may be given individually or in small groups.
    Notebook and reading check – Based on the quality and organization of your notes.  
          Possible checks during tests, by exit slips and other methods.   
          Ask yourself, “Could someone else make sense of and learn from my notebook?”   
    Quiz – Similar to tests and designed to assess smaller blocks of information.  
          Quizzes can be given as solo or occasionally small group efforts.
    Test – Assessments given over larger sections of materials, generally chapters. 
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Last Modified on September 20, 2018