• PERIOD 2: Optional Assignment (essentially a take home quiz score)
    Print off and complete (with complete solution steps) problems 1-4. 
    Turn in by Friday the 28th.  If you are absent Friday, then you should turn it in by Thursday.  The end of the marking period is Monday and I will not be accepting more papers to grade on the last day of the quarter.   
    4-1 Graphing Quadratics in Standard Form
    wowmath - slightly different set-up
    4-2  Graphing Quadratics in Vertex and Intercept Form
    wowmath - vertex form
    4-6  Complex Numbers
    Roberg - Graphing complex numbers.
    GreeneMath - Solving equations using square roots.  Solutions are complex numbers.
    MartyBrandl -  Operations with complex numbers.  Addition, subtraction, multiplication. 
    ProfRobBob - addition and multiplication, focus on first 8 minutes
    Khan Academy - addition and subtraction, two videos then three practice problems
    ThinkwellVids - multiplication
    PatrickJMT - Fractions and dividing complex numbers.  
    4-8 Quadratic Formula
    4-9 Quadratic Inequalities
    patrickJMT  - basics
    patrickJMT - more
    May 8th Optional Assignment - Alright folks, here it is!  Print and complete the following set of problems.  It will be due Wednesday, May 17th by 3:05 PM.  All accepted papers will be paper clipped together at that time.  No running in at 3:06, no putting it in my mailbox on the way out so I get it the next morning, no giving it to a friend to turn in at the end of the day, no sliding it under my door while I'm at track practice.  To avoid such frustrations (including being being absent that day) and me not accepting after 3:05 on 5/17, I highly recommend turning it in early.  Who knows, I may even look it over and give it back for corrections.  No promises, but you never know.   
    Hint:  #1 and 2 - what form is the polynomial taking on?  Proceed. 
    5.5 Polynomial Long Division Practice Set with Solutions
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