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    Click on the course you want to know more about.  Each course will have a brief description and a variety of video lists, links to helpful websites, or other materials I add.  This section is intended to SUPPLEMENT the materials and problem sets discussed in class.  The links will take you to videos (often youtube) or other math related websites that are generally not created by me.  You don't have to limit yourself to my links as there are numerous sites available beyond what I choose. 
    My suggestion is that you watch the videos and make good use of the 'pause' button.  Look for links to similar material.  Even if the problems are solved differently, you can attempt the problem and then fast forward to the solution.  Keep in mind, the solution steps may differ from one website/video to the next.  Or simply be different from mine.
    If you find a broken link, please let me know at school.

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Last Modified on November 3, 2016