•      Sixth Grade Language Arts - Sixth graders will be expected to learn the parts of speech so that they can enhance and develop their own writing skills with mature thinking applied to the structure of sentences and paragraphs. 

        Additionally, they will be focusing on persuasive writing, poetry analysis, research projects and developing their public speaking skills. 

        Students are expected to have their text books and planners with them each day unless the teacher has instructed them otherwise. They should have a section of a notebook or a folder devoted to Language Arts handouts and notes. They will be provided with an in-class folder to keep completed homework for their end-of-the-year portfolios. 

         Students will be exposed to a variety of fiction and non-fiction writing. It is the goal of sixth grade to develop their critical thinking skills and have them become familiar with writing techniques that authors employ. 

         Students will be provided with a journal to record their warm-ups and a composition book for their interactive notebooks to keep in class.  


Last Modified on March 29, 2018