Millersburg Middle School Parents & Students,

    Most Millersburg Middle School students have spent all or most of their elementary years in the Lenkerville Elementary School.  The students know each other well and have established strong bonds together during elementary school.  Those friendships will continue to grow as they begin the next chapter of their education in the Millersburg Middle School.  This is an exciting time, but new students may feel nervous stepping into a new school with unfamiliar faces.  Nevertheless, the students and staff in the Middle School are very welcoming and always willing to lend a hand.   Much like our community, Millersburg Middle School is a very special place.          

    Middle School is a transitional time when students are no longer young children, but are not yet adults. The faculty, staff, and students strive to create an environment which helps these students transition, gain more independence and learn the necessary social and academic skills for future success.  Our 6th grade teachers meet with our 5th grade teachers to gain a better understanding of what skills and routines our students come with so we can guide and support them as they transition from homeroom and lockers, to core and elective classes in their new environment.

    During students’ middle school years they are presented with many opportunities to get involved. Our Student Council and Principal’s Advisory Group are just two ways students can be involved in their school and with their peers. Student Council meets and plans various events throughout the year including dances, Christmas Capers, Breakfast with Santa, Spring Break Day and the 5th grade orientation day, while the Principal’s Advisory Group helps build a connection between teachers and students and brings new ideas forward for consideration.

    There are many ways for our students to reach out to others and support our community. Twice a year students participate in Community Service Days. During these days students help out around the school through beautification projects as well as go to community members’ homes to help with yard work, planting and weeding. Students also support the local pool and other organizations to give back to the larger community and in turn learn the importance of helping others. Our PTSO also models this idea in its active support of the school’s students and teachers.

    Academically our students are challenged by our teachers and grow in their knowledge of technology, the arts and core subject areas.  Students can join various groups such as Science Olympiad and Math 24. There is also remediation support through REACH, PSSA prep, and the After School Academic Support Program which provides students the opportunity to work on missed work and assignments.  Students can also work to achieve honor roll and distinguished honors each marking period.

    Various sports and arts opportunities are available such as wrestling and girls and boys basketball.  Students can also join community teams for swimming, soccer, softball, baseball, and football.  Students can join the chorus and/or band which has various performances throughout the year.  It is all these opportunities and experiences that make the Millersburg Middle School a very special place, but it is the students, teachers and staff who make it a community!


     Mr. David C. Shover, M Ed.