• Kindergarten Guidance Goodies

    This is a busy time for kindergarten children.  They are learning many new skills.  They are learning to read, beginning to write, tying shoelaces, trying to help at home, and wanting to do things by themselves.  These are important tasks for young children to learn. 

    Children are also learning how to understand and manage their feelings.  They are learning how to make a friend and be a friend.  And, they are learning how to solve problems with other children.  They are learning these things throughout the day in the classroom, at recess, and at home.   Children are learning by watching and listening to how teachers, family members, and friends interact with each other.  But just like reading and writing, these areas of learning also have specific skills that need to be taught.  We will be using a program called Second Step: A Violence Prevention Curriculum to help us learn and practice these social-emotional skills.  Children who learn and use these skills are more likely to get along with others and do better in school. 

    Families are an important part of the Second Step program.  You will receive letters with information about the social-emotional skills that your child is learning in school and ideas you can use at home to help your child learn and practice these skills.   Please be sure to ask your child about what he/she is learning. 



Last Modified on September 14, 2017