• Consumer Economics/ Local Government-
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     Consumer Economics Course Summary:  This course consists of three marking periods of consumer economics and one marking period of local government.  The consumer economics portion revolves around personal choices that enhance an individuals' personal finances.  Major topics include creating a budget, buying a used/new car, shopping wisely, using credit cards, receiving a personal loan/ mortgage, investing, supply and demand, and saving for retirement.  The course will center around discussion and personal choices to understand 'best practices'. 

    The grade for the course will incorporate participation, projects, homework, quizzes and tests. 

    The Local Government portion of the course will be 9 weeks in length.  The course will encompass state, county, township, and borough government.  Each level of government will coincide with a map exercise (quiz).  The focus of the course will be to strengthen individual knowledge of government and apply it to their adult lives.  As result, students are more apt to participate in and understand the local governments that dictate to their lives. 

    An additional requirement of local government is attendance at a local government meeting.  Each student will attend, take notes and write a summary of meeting and state their opinions in a paper they write about the meeting.  This assignment is worth a test grade.


Last Modified on April 3, 2018