Economics and Local Government-

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    Course Summary:  The economics portion of the course will consist of three marking periods.  The local government portion will be one marking period.

    Economics is a course designed to prepare students for college.  It will give students a solid foundation of microeconomics and macroeconomics.  Major topics will include demand, supply, taxes, unemployment, the fed, etc..  An extended amount of time will be spent covering demand and supply.  The application of economic theory to current government/ social environments is necessary.

    The Local Government portion of the course will be 9 weeks in length.  The course will encompass state, county, township, and borough government.  Each level of government will coincide with a map exercise (quiz).  The focus of the course will be to strengthen individual knowledge of government and apply it within their adult lives.  As result, students are more apt to participate in and understand the impact local governments have upon their lives. 

    An additional requirement of local government is attendance at a local government meeting.  Each student will attend, take notes and write a summary of meeting and state their opinions in a paper they write about the meeting.  This assignment is worth a test grade.


Last Modified on April 3, 2018